Zyntec Utilities Referral Program

We are delighted when our customers have a fantastic experience with us, and we love it even more when they pass our services onto they're friends, family and colleagues as it allows us to continue expanding throughout the United Kingdom and providing our valued services across the country.

As a thank you, Zyntec Utilities will pay £100 for each referral that goes live with ourselves, all you have to do is join our referral program, provide contact details for your referral and if they are happy to become a partner of Zyntec, your payment will be processed the day the contracts goes live.

Frequently Asked Questions

While we prefer recommendations be friends and family, as long as your referal was not gathered through any illegal or invasive marketing techniques, we will accept all contracts that go live as a referral.

No, however if we receive a suspicious number of referrals at once we may review the submissions before payments are sent to validate the quality of the referrals.

Cold calling or inputting random data will be blacklisted.

Your payment will be sent via your selected payment method when your referral supply is confirmed live by the energy supplier.

If you are already a Zyntec customer, you can refer your other premises and receive the same £100 bonus.

Yes, in order to ensure that only real referrals are submitted and cold data is not used to chance the £100 bonus, we will confirm your details over the phone to the referred customer. This ensures that we are compliant and not bothering busy business owners with cold calls.

We strongly suggest notifying your referral that you have done so, we guarantee to beat your referrals renewal quote so you can rest assured they will be treat fairly.

There are many circumstances to each supply and depending on the size and activity of the supply the price may be different to your own, however we will always do our best to beat you and your selected referrals renewal quote and ensure that they get a highly competitive price as well as our fantastic service which you can read more about here.